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By April 27, 2017Local Government Law

What is a Local Government Law Attorney?

A Local Government Law Attorney focuses mainly on the issues in regards to state governments and state laws. They represent the local government and ethically their obligations lie with the local government’s governing board because that is the group of people who have the highest level of authority and control on behalf of the organization that the attorney is representing.

Who needs a Local Government Law Attorney in Florida?

Since Local Government Law Attorneys need to represent multiple people, they need to establish the fact that their professional fidelities need to lie with the organization in general, not with each specific employee underneath that organization. This also includes individual board members. The duty of the attorney lies with the board as an entire unit, not with each individual member. Ethically speaking, this is the most important distinguishing factor for the Local Government Law Attorney’s job.

These lawyers would typically handle issues surrounding telecommunications, general offenses, regulations, budgeting, taxation, emergency services, public utilities, and franchising. These lawyers know the local legislation inside and out and it is their job to adequately represent the organizations that are thus affected by the local government’s laws and policies.

When hiring one, you will gain the benefit of having a longstanding relationship with one firm or lawyer that will be familiarized with your organization down to the letter. This venerable relationship will allow your organization to rest easy with the knowledge that your representation not only knows exactly what you’re all about, but also knows about your group on a personal level. While they must stay impartial to the needs of the individual and serve the entity as a whole, their legal counsel will be there for the long hull, earning the respect of agencies that only prolonged demonstrations of loyalty, astuteness, and integrity can produce.

When seeking a Local Government Law Attorney, be sure to consider the fact that they will not be representing you as an individual, but the entity as a whole. You’ll want someone who can counsel many at once and consider all options, opinions, and facts before advising you legally.

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