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By May 9, 2017Social Security Law

What is a Social Security Law Attorney?

A Social Security Law Attorney helps people with their disability claims and can significantly increase a person’s chance of being approved with their claim. While many people who apply for certain benefits often do just fine on their own, it’s been proven that an applicant who is represented by legal counsel is far more likely to get Social Security approved than one who is not (with everything else being equally weighted).

Who needs a Social Security Law Attorney in Florida?

When it comes to figuring out if you need a Social Security attorney or not you should generally stick to the idea that should you even be considering filing for disability, you should get in touch with a disability attorney right away for a free consultation. When looking for disability benefits from the government, your chances of getting your claim approved raise greatly once hiring a lawyer to represent you.

Often times your lawyer will then need you to sign a few release forms that allow them access to your medical records needed in order for them to win your claim. This will allow them to submit them to the Social Security Administration (SSA) at the applicable time before your hearing. During this time, they will review your records and then determine if you need to go through supplementary testing as well as potentially as the SSA for a consultative examination (CE) with one of their doctors.

Your lawyer throughout your hearing process will be working to prove that your condition “meets a disability listing;” you are unable to do any type of work including not being able to do your past work; your non-exertional limitations prevent you from working; and prove that your action level is “less than sedentary.” Once they prove that you meet the standards, that will qualify you for automatic approval of disability benefits.

When it comes to hiring a Social Security lawyer always remember to stick to the idea that “earlier is better.” As long as you are addressing the issues right away and are getting legal representation involved soon enough, your chances of being approved for disability are extremely likely to be approved.

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